VIP & Hospitality

Hospitality programs

Below, you can view the hospitality programmes of Dwars door Vlaanderen. Unfortunately, the race won't take place on the planned date, Wednesday 1 April. This is due to the measures taken to limit the impact of the COVID-19 virus. We fully understand this decision by the authorities in the interest of the general public health. (Photos: Digitalclickx and Photonews)

VIP breakfast

VIP Kluisberg

VIP Hove Van Herpelgem

3X Ronde van Vlaanderenstraat - day formula

3X Ronde van Vlaanderenstraat - noon formula

VIP Bistro Berto (day or noon formula)

VIP Koers 75 - day formula

VIP Koers 75 - noon formula

VIP Shuttle

VIP reception