Unofficial start - 0 km


On Wednesday April 3rd, the center of Roeselare can once again make preparations for the start of Dwars Door Vlaanderen. The riders will start at 12:15 p.m. for a tour of 182.8 km. © Digitalclickx

Official start - 0 km


The race director waves his flag 4.5 kilometers after the unofficial start, meaning the 74th Dwars Door Vlaanderen is officialy on it’s way. © Kramon

Statue of Briek Schotte - 18.6 km


The riders greet the inhabitants of Kanegem and the statue of Briek Schotte. The day after Dwars door Vlaanderen, it will be 15 years ago that Ijzeren Briek died. Schotte won our race two times: in 1953 and 1955.

Nieuwe Kwaremont - 82 km

14:17 2000 m

The riders will climb the first hill of the day after 82 kilometres. The Nieuwe Kwaremont is the first of eleven climbs in Dwars door Vlaanderen. The hill has an average gradient of 4,8 % and a maximus gradient of 8 %.

Supply zone - 96.6 km


Dinner time for the riders after 96 kilometers. Soigneurs are ready to hand off the necessary supplies in Leupegem, right before the riders will start climbing in the Flemish Ardennes. © Kramon

Kluisberg - 110.9 km

14:56 1000 m

Second climb: the riders begin at the Kluisberg. Not like last year, the racers need to climb this hill just once. In 2018, they did twice. Kluisberg is 1,8 km long, has an average gradient of 6,3 % and a maximus gradient of 15 %. © CRVV

Knokteberg (Côte de Trieu) - 118.3 km

15:06 1100 m

The third climb that has to is the reference point of Dwars Door Vlaanderen, is the Knokteberg: average gradient of 8%, maximum gradient of 13%. © Kramon

Kortekeer - 126 km

15:17 900 m

The fourth of eleven climbs is Kortekeer in the town of Nukerke. Kortekeer has three steep curves, with a maximum gradient of 15% in the second curve. The average gradient over a distance of 1km is 6,6%. © Photo News

Mariaborrestraat - 128.1 km

15:20 2400 m

When we talk about Mariaborrestraat in cycling jargon, we mean the sequence of Mariaborrestraat - Steenbeekdries - Stationsberg. This cobbled section is 2400m in total and includes the climb of Steenbeekdries and the descent of Stationsberg. ©Flickr

Steenbeekdries - 129.3 km

15:21 820 m

Steenbeekdries is part of the cobbled section better known as Mariaborrestraat. A fierce climb with an average gradient of 7,6%. © Kramon

Stationsberg - 129.4 km

15:21 650 m

Stationsberg is often called in one breath with Steenbeekdries, both being part of the Mariaborrestraat. After conquering Steenbeekdries, the riders will descent the cobbles of Stationsberg direction next challenge: Taaienberg.

Taaienberg - 131.8 km

15:25 800 m

Tough, that’s the very least you can say about the Taaienberg. At just over 130 kilometres, the riders toil on for another 890 metres, with average inclines of 7.1% and a maximum gradient of 18%. Still 51 km to go till the riders reach Waregem. © Photonews

Berg ten Houte - 135 km

15:29 1100 m

The seventh hill is the Berg ten Houte. The new climb on cobblestones has an average gradient of 6 % and a maximus gradient of 21 %. In the eighties, the hill was already part of our race. Now, the hill in Schorisse makes his comeback.

Knokteberg (côte de Trieu) - 149.7 km

15:49 1100 m

Over a distance of 1,1 km the riders have to tame the Knokteberg again. It's the second and last time the peloton passes by in the town of Rozenaken. © Kramon

Varentstraat - 157.1 km

15:59 2000 m

The grand finale inches ever closer. Before the riders start on the last hills, they are first treated to the 2000 metre long cobblestone section of Varent. © Photonews

Vossenhol - 161.9 km

16:06 1400 m

The second to last hill of the day is Vossenhol in Tiegem, with just 21 kilometres to go. © Dirk Haes

Collect zone - 162 km


The mechanics are ready and waiting to lend whatever assistance is needed in Anzegem. © Kramon

Holstraat - 166.3 km

16:12 1000 m

The penultimate hill of the day in Anzegem is just 16.5 kilometres from the finish: One km long, with an average gradient of 5.2% and the perfect opportunity for those riders who still have fresh legs. The most steep part of Holstraat is at the base of the mountain with 12%. © Kramon

Nokereberg - 173.8 km

16:22 500 m

The last climb of the day: the only option here is to put the pedal to the metal and forge on ahead: a 350 m stretch, with an average gradient of 5.7% and the steepest incline at 7%. Could this be the perfect place to speed past the pack? © Photonews

Herlegemstraat - 176.5 km

16:26 800 m

With just under 7 km to go, the riders still have to pass through Herlegemstraat in Kruishoutem. This 800 m long cobblestone section is the last hurdle of the day. This is where Yves Lampaert surprised his companions in the escape with an ultimate jump two years ago. Does anyone follow his example in 2019? © Google Maps

Aankomst - 182.8 km


Will a maverick seize the day, or will the race culminate in a sprint again? At roughly 4:35 p.m. on the Verbindingsweg in Waregem, we’ll find out who the successor to Yves Lampaert will be. Or will the Belgian champion win for the third time and become the absolute record-holder? © Digitalclickx