Unofficial start - 0 km


On Wednesday 22 March, the centre of Roeselaar can once again make preparations for the start of Dwars Door Vlaanderen. The riders will depart at 11:50 a.m. on a tour of 203.3 km. © Digitalclickx

Official start - 0 km


The race director will wave the flag three kilometres after the unofficial starting shot, meaning the 72nd Dwars Door Vlaanderen can officially kick off. © Kramon

Bevoorrading - 83,2 km


After 83.2 kilometres, the riders will be ready for a bite to eat. Their teams will be ready for them in Tiegem with the food and drink needed. © Kramon

Nieuwe Kwaremont - 90,9 km

14:10 2000m

It’s a journey to the 91 kilometre mark before the riders encounter the first hill of the day. Nieuwe Kwaremont is a 2 km long stretch, with an average gradient of 4.2% and a maximum of 8%: a warm-up for what is yet to come. © Kramon

Kattenberg - 110,3 km

14:38 750m

At the 110.3 kilometre mark, the riders scale up the Kattenberg in Mater: 750 metres long with an average gradient of 6% and a maximum of 11%. © Photonews

Holleweg -111,0 km

14:39 350m

The first cobblestone section of the day in Holleweg is a taste of what’s still in store for the pack over a distance of 350 metres. ©Photonews

Haaghoek - 119,7 km

14:51 2000m

After 119.7 km, they hit one of Belgium’s most renowned cobblestone stretches: the cobblestones of the 2 km long Haaghoek await in Horebeke, 83.6 km from the finish. ©Photonews

Leberg - 122,6 km

14:55 950m

Of the three consecutive hills punctuating the terrain of Brakel, Leberg is the first: a 950 m stretch, with an average gradient of 4.2%, but the steepest segment hitting 13.8%. ©Photonews

Berendries - 126,8 km

15:01 892m

Berendries, the stuff of legend, follows: 892 metres, with an average gradient of 7.2%, with the hill’s steepest slope at 12% awaiting the riders shortly after the 126.8 kilometre mark. ©Photonews

Valkenberg -131,9 km

15:08 550m

Brakel’s last climb, the Valkenberg may be short, but it doesn’t pull its punches: it’s 550 metres with an average gradient of 8.2% and a maximum of 13%. ©Photonews

Eikenberg - 144,6 km

15:27 1148m

The Eikenberg looms up ahead 58.7 kilometres from the finish line: 1,148 metres long, with an average gradient of 6.2%, and its steepest incline at 10%. ©Photonews

Taaienberg - 150,3 km

15:35 890m

Tough, that’s the very least you can say about the Taaienberg. At just over 150 kilometres, the riders toil on for another 890 metres, with average inclines of 6.1% and a maximum gradient of 16%. © Photonews

Oude Kwaremont - 168,2 km

16:00 2200m

At just 35 kilometres from the finish line, the riders tackle the sacred pair of the Tour of Flanders. The Oude Kwaremont is the appetizer: a 2.2 km stretch, with an average gradient of 4% and maximum incline of 11.6%. © Kramon

Paterberg - 171,6 km

16:05 360m

After the Oude Kwaremont, the second sacred milestone, the piece de resistance, in Kluisberg, is served: the majestic Paterberg has an average gradient of 12.9% and a maximum incline of 20.3%. © Photonews

Varent - 177,5 km

16:14 809m

The grand finale inches ever closer. Before the riders start on the last hills, they are first treated to the 890 metre long cobblestone section of Varent. © Photonews

Vossenhol - 182,3 km

16:20 1268m

The second to last highest hill of the day is Vossenhol in Tiegem, with just 21 kilometres to go. © Dirk Haes

Collect zone - 182,4 km


The mechanics are ready and waiting to lend whatever assistance is needed in Anzegem. © Kramon (see Omloop)

Holstraat - 186,7 km

16:27 1300m

The penultimate hill of the day in Anzegem is just 16.6 kilometres from the finish: 1.3 km long, with an average gradient of 6% and the perfect opportunity for those riders who still have fresh legs. © Kramon

Nokereberg - 193,9 km

16:37 350m

The last climb of the day: the only option here is to put the pedal to the metal and forge on ahead: a 350 m stretch, with an average gradient of 5.7% and the steepest incline at 7%. Could this be the perfect place to speed past the pack? © Photonews

Herlegemstraat - 196,6 km

16:41 800m

With just under 7 km to go, the riders still have to pass through Herlegemstraat in Kruishoutem. This 800 m long cobblestone section is the last hurdle of the day. © Google Maps

Aankomst - 203,3 km


Will a maverick seize the day, or will the race culminate in a sprint again? At roughly 4:50 p.m. on the Zuiderlaan in Waregem, we’ll find out who the successor to Jens Debusschere will be. © Digitalclickx